Grant Applications for projects benefiting and partnering with immigrant communities due March 31, 2018. 


Our neighbors live each day  not knowing if or when their family might be torn apart. Community for All seeks to support residents of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown impacted by the threat of deportation.


The federal government’s policy on immigration is felt deeply throughout our area.    More of us are undocumented than we might suspect. Since the election, our neighbors experience fear and uncertainty with little legal recourse or support.

Stand with your neighbor. Stand for your community. Donate today.




Community for All supports partnerships with organizations and leaders within our community. The campaign directly funds needs and solutions developed by communities impacted by the threat of deportation.   

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Photograph by Joe Golden

Photograph by Joe Golden

Take Action

You can directly support children and families facing the threat of deportation. Donations will fund legal aid, passports for US born children to help with reunification, social support for families, emergency aid, and local organizing. 


Header Photograph provided by Joe Golden